Is it fresh? Test it and be sure. Quality testing for free fatty acids, peroxides, alkenals and malonaldehydes in agreement with AOCS methods.

Freshness of incoming raw materials is critical to the quality of your end product. Equally important is freshness and shelf-life determination of your finished goods. Designed for simplicity and speed, the SafTest system has proven to be the system of choice for determination of freshness and quality for over 10 years.

Use the SafTest System For All of Your Food Quality Testing or Lipid Oxidation Evaluation Needs

Test a wide variety of samples from raw material to finished goods

The SafTest system offers a quick, accurate and affordable means of determining the freshness of pet and human foods without having to send your samples out to an external testing lab. SafTest kits allow for customized analysis of any combination of endpoints including peroxide valuefree fatty acidsmolanaldehydesalkenals and percent fat.

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Submit Your Sample

Submit Your Sample

Want to try the SafTest System and see how it compares to your current lipid testing platform? Do you only have a few samples to test? Submit your samples to MP Biomedicals and we will test your samples on the SafTest system in our own facility. Contact us to learn more or request a sample intake form.


Rapid PV results using the SafTest Peroxide Kit

The SafTest Peroxide kit has been designed to quickly yield consistent, reproducible peroxide value results from dry and wet samples.  

  • Fast - Evaluate 20 samples per hour with as little as 10-50 µL of sample
  • Safe - Kit reagents are low hazard with no toxic chemicals or solvents
  • Proven - Test results are reproducible, consistent from lot-to-lot and scalable 

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SafTest Kits for Food Quality Testing

Test liquid and solid samples for multiple end-points with SafTest kits

The SafTest system is designed to have the flexibility needed to get reproducible results from multiple sample types. Quickly get results for determination of the following end-points:

SafTest Supplies

Restock on consumables for sample testing

Everything you need to continue smooth operation of the SafTest system including filtration membranes, Kim wipes and pipette tips.

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Contact us to learn more about the SafTest System or request a sample intake form.

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